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Filled to the brim with stylish gifts for every woman! Shushhh, it’s a complete surprise! Stylish accessories, original cosmetics, high-quality beauty products, treats, lifestyle items, hi-tech gadgets, entertainment− everything every chic woman wants to make her birthday day exceptional:)

Surprise the birthday girl with a beautifully packaged birthday present with unique content!


BIRTHDAY BOX - The first such gift delivery!

Don’t you know what to buy as a birthday gift? Too much on your mind and your friend’s, wife’s, girlfriend’s birthday is coming up? Does the birthday girl live far away and hence you can’t give her a gift in person? Birthday Box is the solution!

BIRTHDAY BOX - The first such gift delivery!

Birthday Boxes

Limited Editions

How it works?

Step 1 - Choose the box

Every box contains at least 8 presents from a variety of price ranges – decide how much you want to spend and select one of the three types of boxes.

Step 2 - Fill in the form

Before you add a box to your cart, enter: the name of the birthday girl you want to make a gift to, personalized birthday note from you which will be placed into the box, and the preferred date of delivery. Then complete the address form.

Step 3 - Wait for the box

Remember, we can deliver the box at your door step and it will be you who will give a birthday box in person, or you can order the box for yourself. We know you can’t wait!

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Birthday Boxes are unique and it is our team that makes every effort to update their content on a regular basis in order to best reflect the latest trends and offer unique products appearing on the market. The content of Birthday Boxes varies even within the same option! Let life surprise you!


Throughout Europe.


Possible as early as in 24h!


Surprise yourself or loved ones!


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