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Frequently asked questions

Surprises, surprises and once again surprises! We pride ourselves on sending only carefully selected high quality unique items you will not find on regular shelves. The birthday girl will notice we put a great deal of time and thought into creating the perfect present which is going to meet the demands of the most demanding birthday celebrators. Each box contains at least 7 gifts among which you will find original cosmetics and beauty products, jewellery, treats, birthday celebration accessories, gadgets, hi-tech electronic devices and items which will help you relax, a list of all goodies enclosed within the box as well as a personalised birthday note from you. All this, together with the box itself, is beautifully wrapped and hoped to bring joy to you or a person close to your heart.
Certainly you! But also all the modern women you know i.e. your friends, female colleagues, girlfriend or wife on their special birthday day.
We believe that each Birthday Box should be a wonderful value. The price for a single box is a bargain considering the prices of items in the box and the wonderful box itself. Hence, a birthday person will feel that has received a gift of high quality and relatively high price. It is really well worth having!
Birthday Box is guided by several major objectives. Firstly, we want to surprise you with original quality products and unique brands which are not available on the high street so that it is unlikely that the birthday girl knows the product. Secondly, thanks to Birthday Box you save time and money since it is us who carefully select products and offer them at best buy value. In addition, our boxes bring joy and inspiration because "it is better to give than to receive".
All the boxes are sent by courier. When your order leaves our warehouse, you will receive a tracking number. If you prefer to surprise your friend with a surprise delivery, we will do our best to deliver the Birthday Box exactly on her birthday. In this case, the Birthday Box is perfect if the birthday girl lives far away and you don’t have the possibility to meet her on her bday.
If a Birthday Box is to be delivered in Poland, the cost of shipping by courier is 15 PLN. If you want the box to be sent abroad to one of the European countries, the shipping price is 18 EUR. We ship to the whole Europe.
We make every effort to make sure every box is delivered safe and sound. To this end, we pack Birthday Boxes in additional cardboard boxes for shipping. However, if the box comes damaged, please send us pictures of the destroyed box at so that our team is able to solve the problem in a satisfactory way for you. We do everything in our power to deliver boxes on time, however if the order was placed too late before the specified birthday date the parcel can be delivered with a little delay. We also ask you to be prepared for the possibility that despite the timely order placement, the delivery may be delayed for reasons beyond our control (delays before Christmas in courier companies, mistake of a courier, absence of the recipient at home and failure to reach her by phone, etc.).
How thoughtful of you! When you go to the checkout, fill in the field "name of the birthday girl" and "birthday note" by typing a message and birthday wishes for this exceptional person, and then a preferred delivery date. Save the information. If you do not fill the “birthday note” field, the birthday girl will be certainly wondering whom she received such a wonderful present from. Unless you want to keep your identity a secret;)